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12 Dog Peeing Positions and What They Mean

Customary way of thinking says that when puppies pee, guys raise a leg and females squat. As a general rule, in any case, canines have numerous a greater number of choices than that. Trust it or not, researchers have played out various investigations into precisely what stances puppies take to pee. We should take a gander at an assortment of peeing positions in mutts, and whether they can reveal to us anything about a pooch's wellbeing, prosperity, or what's happening within their heads.


An old examination from the 1970s recognized 12 positions that 60 flawless male and 53 unblemished female grown-up beagles used to pee:

Stand: Standing regularly

Slender: The body is inclining forward and the rear legs are stretched out to the back.

Flex: The rear legs are incompletely flexed so the backside is marginally brought down. The rear feet more often than not stay under the body (no straddle).

Squat: The rear legs are straddled and pointedly twisted to convey the rear end near the ground. The back is kept straight.

Handstand: Both rear feet are lifted off the ground. They might be unsupported or put against a vertical surface.

Curve: The rear legs are typically spread and twisted to convey the rear end near the ground. The back is adjusted, and the tail is lifted far starting from the earliest stage.

Raise: One rear leg is twisted and raised off the ground however the leg is kept generally low.

Hoist: One rear leg is bowed and raised off the ground. The foot and leg is held high.

Lean-Raise: A mix of the Lean and Raise stances.

Flex-Raise: A mix of the Flex and Raise stances.

Squat-Raise: A mix of the Squat and Raise stances.

Curve Raise: A mix of the Arch and Raise stances.

The specialists found that females hunched down more often than not yet that the squat-raise was additionally very famous. Females utilized a large portion of alternate positions as well, but on a constrained premise. Male mutts, then again, had a more confined collection. Every one of them exhibited the hoist stance and some utilized the raised position, yet the squat-raise and lean-raise just happened once in a while and alternate positions weren't noted in any way. Remember, in any case, that all the male pooches in this examination were develop and unblemished.


Since every one of the positions that a canine is probably going to take to urinate have been recognized, the inquiry "Why?" must be inquired. What does it mean when a puppy picks a specific stance at a specific time?

Remember that pee fills two needs for pooches—end and checking. Both male and female mutts fragrance stamp, however the conduct is more inescapable in guys. Pooches who are stamping specially urinate on vertical surfaces. On the off chance that they urinate high up on that surface, the pee can stream descending covering a more noteworthy zone, which leaves a more grounded message to any individual who in this way cruises by. Peeing up high may even influence a pooch to appear to be greater than he really is. This is presumably why the raise pose is so prevalent among guys.

Strangely, leg-raising is a conduct that exclusive creates in male mutts as they develop. The creators of the investigation on beagles take note of that the lean stance, which stores pee straightforwardly on the ground, "is commonly utilized by male puppies and adolescents."

Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about females? That is the place the handstand act comes in. There's no better path for a female puppy to urinate at any rate as high as and perhaps higher than a likewise measured male can.

Research bolsters this speculation in female canines. A paper distributed in 2004 took a gander at the urinary practices of six spayed and six flawless female Jack Russell Terriers while they were being strolled near and facilitate far from their "home territory." The researchers found that when far from their home zone, these mutts will probably urinate much of the time and point their pee at objects in contrast with when they were strolled up close and personal. The creators closed "pee in female mutts does not work exclusively in end, but rather that it likewise has a noteworthy part in fragrance checking… "

Thus, when puppies take a position that outcomes in their pee hitting a protest over the ground's surface, odds are they are doing as such to augment the estimation of the fragrance they are abandoning.

It's imperative to take note of what number of peeing positions are impeccably typical for both male and female pooches. Which ones they utilize relies upon numerous components including the puppy's area, age, sex, and conceivably their regenerative status. The main time to be concerned is the point at which a canine that for the most part pees in a single position changes to another. This could be an indication of agony or another therapeutic issue that should be tended to.

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