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Things to Do in Jamaica: A 2-Week Itinerary

Jamaica draws in voyagers from everywhere throughout the world: reggae music, staggering shorelines, lavish mountains, scrumptious rum, and extraordinary sustenance.

There is something inebriating about the island.

Here is all that you have to think about activities in Jamaica. I trust you make the most of our Jamaica schedule!

Activities in Jamaica: A 2-Week Itinerary

Montego Bay—3 Days

Most guests touch base on the island by means of the universal airplane terminal in Montego Bay-the traveler capital of Jamaica and a decent beginning stage from which to investigate the island.

On the off chance that you need to go through your first day on the shoreline, you can go to Doctors Cave Beach which is found right in the town of Montego Bay.

Silver Sands shoreline close to the town of Falmouth is likewise an incredible choice on the off chance that you need to be a shoreline bum for the afternoon. On the off chance that you need greater action you can go kite surfing or windsurfing on the close-by Burwood shoreline.

On the off chance that you become weary of hanging out on the shoreline you can head inland and experience on one of our numerous streams. You can go boating on the Martha Brae River.

Boating initially started when ranchers needed to transport produce from the hinterland to the coast. Today it is a prevalent vacation destination.

Visit an extraordinary house and find out about Jamaica's provincial past. You can visit the more calm and bona fide Greenwood Great House or the White Witch Great House where you will find out about the legend of Annie Palmer.

The one thing these two settings share for all intents and purpose is their all encompassing perspective on the northern coastline of Jamaica.

Negril—2 Days

Shoreline bums join together (I am one of them)! You might not have any desire to leave Negril. Negril has probably the best and longest shorelines in Jamaica. The most popular is Seven Mile Beach – it's not really 7miles but rather that is unimportant!

This wonderful shoreline is dabbed with a horde of inns, shoreline bars, and estates. The shoreline has a very chilled and loosened up vibe.

Seven Mile Beach likewise has probably the most delightful dusks and the best spot to watch them is Ricks CafĂ©. From here you can likewise watch local people jump from some ludicrously high statures – on the off chance that you are daring on the most fundamental level, maybe have a go yourself.

On the off chance that you need to visit the farmland encompassing Negril, consider visiting Zimbali Retreat. Zimbali offers a homestead to table retreat where you can encounter a genuine cooking show with sustenances and organic product in season.

South Coast—3 Days

The south bank of Jamaica offers a natural, laid back environment and couple of guests adventure here which is a piece of its appeal. Fortune Beach is a cultivating and angling network and not vigorously subject to the travel industry so you are probably not going to have anybody attempt to hustle you.

The vegetation here is altogether different from what you would expect on a tropical island. Fortune Beach has been known as the desert shoreline of Jamaica. It is an extraordinary base to put in a couple of days while you investigate the southern piece of the island.

You can visit Pelican Bar which has been evaluated as one of the coolest bars on the planet. It is on a sandbank around a mile out to ocean. You need to take a pontoon to arrive and on the off chance that you are fortunate you could see a few dolphins swimming by on your way.

In the event that you are a rum enthusiast or need to get familiar with more about Jamaica's history or rum making when all is said in done, visit the Appleton Rum refinery in the excellent Nassau valley in St. Elizabeth. Once there you will find out about the rum making procedure and furthermore get the opportunity to test the different sorts of rum.

Pace yourself here, rum packs a significant punch; coconut rum may sound innocuous, however it is 40% liquor. Try not to say I didn't caution you!

Y.S. Falls is another fascination situated on the south coast. It is entirely a cows and pony ranch so you get to truly observe the Jamaican farmland. It is a complexity to the more celebrated Dunns River Falls in the town of Ocho Rios on the north shoreline of the island yet an additional in addition to is you can likewise go zip lining over the cascades. In the event that you need to choose one fascination on the south coast this one ought to be on your Jamaica schedule.

Furthermore, the exact opposite thing to find in the south coast is giving in… I wager you didn't figure you could go collapsing Jamaica! Investigate the heartland of the island the Cockpit Country and investigate Rockspring caverns. Prepare to swim through completely clear underground waterways and squirm through tight spaces. This an incredible method to see a piece of the island couple of Jamaicans have visited.

Kingston—2 Days

Barely any nations can profess to have made not one but rather in excess of five types of music. Jamaica isn't just the home of reggae; it is additionally the home of mento, name, ska, and dancehall. Furthermore, the focal point of the island's music scene is Kingston, the heartbeat of Jamaica and its social capital.

For any reggae fan, it would be a disgrace to travel up until now and not visit Kingston

Jamaica's undisputed ruler of reggae is Bob Marley and no visit to Kingston would be finished without a visit to the Bob Marley Museum. You can likewise visit the Peter Tosh Museum and on the off chance that you need some unrecorded music, visit the Kingston name verse night on Sundays.

Another must do fascination in Kingston is Port Royal. Port Royal was previously the privateer capital of the world and considered the world's wickedest city until it was crushed by a quake in 1692. Half of the city sank submerged; be that as it may, you can in any case visit the rest of the structures and find out about the privateer history of Port Royal.

In the event that the name Blue Mountain sounds well-known, that is on the grounds that it is the home of the popular Blue Mountain Coffee known as a standout amongst the best espressos the world.

There are espresso visits, for example, the Creighton Estate Coffee visit that will take you around a working espresso ranch where you can find out about the historical backdrop of the nation's well known espresso.

The Blue Mountain territory was additionally assigned an UNESCO world legacy site in 2015. You can climb to the tallest top in Jamaica, the Blue Mountain Peak. Or on the other hand you can climb along the numerous accessible climbing trails.

Prescribed visits:

Grand Tour of Kingston

Sway Marley Museum Entry Ticket

Ocho Rios—2 Days

Ocho Rios is one of Jamaica's fundamental visitor regions and is known as the home of the #1 fascination in the nation, Dunns River Falls.

Dunns River can be somewhat of a sham however I don't figure you should skip visiting, fundamentally in light of the fact that it is one of the prettiest falls in Jamaica. On the off chance that you do plan to visit arrive early and abstain from visiting on journey deliver days.

On the off chance that you need to evade the groups and see something less touristy, you should visit the Blue Hole only outside of Ocho Rios. By and by, I think this is a standout amongst the best activities in Jamaica.

The Blue Hole has a progressively rural setting. You can climb along the stream bank, hop off cascades, go swinging over the waterway and even ride ponies in the sea.

Port Antonio—2 Days

I have left the best for last. Port Antonio is pass on my preferred ward. Envision an uneven rainforest driving down to the ocean.

Port Antonio is known for its various cascades; be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to go to the shoreline my most loved is Frenchman's Cove. It is a little shoreline bay with a waterway driving into it.

On the off chance that you need to go surfing, go to Boston Beach. This is a decent surf spot from November to January. Boston Beach is additionally home of the well known Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork. So on the off chance that you need to stop to get something to eat this is a decent spot to go.

Another most loved spot is Reach Falls. You will encounter perfectly clear water falling into a normally made pool. You can likewise go behind the falls and see them from within. You can likewise go to a submerged cavern.

Achieve falls is around a little ways from Port Antonio. On your way there you will pass the Cliff Hanger Hotel. Stop and have a beverage, the bluff side perspectives make this spot worth a visit.

You can likewise go bamboo boating in Port Antonio on the Rio Grande River. The boating in Port Antonio is more grand than in Martha Brae. Fundamentally, you will pontoon on a bamboo pontoon through a rich valley.

The most effective method to Get Around Jamaica

Leasing a vehicle is the most ideal approach to get around at the same time, to be very forthcoming; Jamaicans are insane people out and about so driving here is truly not for the black out of heart. A decent option is to use the open transport framework.

The most ideal approach to get around between towns is to take the Knutsford Express, which gives an extravagance mentor administration. When you are in the town you can contract a JUTA van for transportation.

In the event that you are in Kingston, you can utilize a taxi administration. A standout amongst the most dependable taxi administrations is Ontime taxi administration. For wellbeing reasons don't wave to taxis or course taxis.

Expenses for Accommodation, Transportation, and Food

Transportation Costs: If you are going between towns utilize the Knutsford Express. The costs extend from $13 – $33 USD (one way). Cabs from a taxi organization cost $5 USD or more, it relies upon the separation voyaged (these cabs are typically found in the capital city).

At JUTA transportation these costs are debatable. We don't prescribe it, yet in the event that you need to take a course taxi where you share with different travelers, the cost will be about $1.00 USD and up.

Nourishment Costs: Try and eat where local people eat. The cost of sustenance can go from $4 – $20 USD per dinner.

Settlement: Prices differ generally for convenience. You can get a room through Airbnb or discover an inn for around $40 every night. On the off chance that you need something more top of the line, the costs differ.

Sustenance in Jamaica

Jamaican sustenance is gradually advancing onto the culinary guide and like most voyagers, I feel no excursion is finished until you attempt a portion of the nearby nourishments. Here are a portion of my top choices:

Ackee and Saltfish: This is the Jamaican national dish. Ackee is an organic product that takes after fried eggs. The dish is concocted with onions, tomatoes and a smidgen of scotch hat pepper. Most eateries will have this dish on their morning meal menu.

Escoveitch Fish: This is another Jamaican top choice. It is seared fish secured with a vinegar, onion and pepper sauce. It is typically eaten with bammy or celebration.

Bammy: Bammy is a flatbread produced using ground cassava. It was initially eaten by the Arawak's the principal occupants of Jamaica.

Celebration: Festival is a sweet bread produced using cornmeal, flour, and sugar. It is generally eaten with fish.

Oxtail – This one is somewhat plain as day! The oxtail is generally concocted with onions, beans, garlic, ginger, pepper, thyme, and so on and presented with rice.

Curried Goat: This dish was brought to the island by the Indians that originally touched base in Jamaica as obligated workers. Goat meat is curried. This dish is generally presented with rice.

Jamaican Bun: We have bun all year yet this sweet cake is typically eaten around the Easter occasions. The bun is generally eaten with cheddar.

Bread and Sweet Potato Pudding: These are regular treats in Jamaica. My preferred spot to buy is the Puddin Man shop in St. Anns Bay (close Ocho Rios).

Travel Tips

Here are a couple of movement tips:

In the event that you choose to lease a vehicle don't rely upon GPS. Despite the fact that taking an optional street may resemble the most brief course here and there these streets are not in great condition and can be somewhat desolate. Adhere to the fundamental thruways.

Be set up to deal on the off chance that you are acquiring from sellers or procuring private transportation. Costs are normally debatable.

Utilize the Knutsford Express to go between towns. The administration is incredibly solid and they have entirely sensible rates.

On the off chance that you are going in Kingston utilize the typical taxi administrations. You don't need to utilize a JUTA van. A most loved taxi administration is Ontime taxi administration. Ensure you ask the administrator the cost. Now and again the driver should need to charge you more.

Shop where local people shop. For instance, in the event that you need to purchase twitch sauce or seasonings as gifts, get them in the store, it will be a lot less expensive.

Be cautious when obtaining products with remote cash. Here and there local people will need to clutch your change. Furthermore, you will be given a low swapping scale.

Utilize a Cambio to trade cash. You will show signs of improvement conversion scale.

Jamaica's power supply is somewhere in the range of 110 and 120 volts. Equivalent to the US. On the off chance that you are going from different nations, remember this. You should bring a connector.

Best Time of Year to Visit

Luckily, Jamaica is generally bright. We don't have customary seasons; we do, be that as it may, have a stormy season. The stormy season is during the long periods of May, June, October and November. In any case, remember that when it rains in Jamaica, it is for the most part for brief timeframes.

The prime visitor season in Jamaica is from December to April. In the event that you are going during this time, the lodging costs will be more and the attractions will in general be progressively packed.

The least expensive time to visit is from March to November. Remember that the months from August to November are likewise our tropical storm season. In the course of recent years, a large portion of our tropical storms have happened in late August to early September. We have not had an immediate hit for various years.

On the off chance that you are a reggae devotee the two principle reggae shows in Jamaica are held in January and July. On the off chance that you are a fair fan, jamboree is typically held in March or April, so make sure to stamp these occasions on your Jamaica schedule.

I believe I could compose a hundred additional activities in Jamaica. There is a motivation behind why guests remain or simply continue returning a seemingly endless amount of time after year.

What activities in Jamaica would you say you are most eager to do? Tell us in the remarks!

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